i really do be spying though


Up first is Professor Mary Abdoney. Active on Twitter and Instagram, she posts with moderate frequency about a variety of topics. I have gleaned from her posts that she enjoys taking pictures of flowers and sewing. Additionally, her political views seem to be liberal with an interest in LGBT rights and she has a very deep interest in Digital Pedagogy. She has one child and at least one cat. It is also worth nothing that her Twitter profile alludes to her having another, private, Twitter account which I did not find. Professor Abdoney Tweets things of a political nature and it seems her audience is largely of a similar persuasion as she, so there is certainly risk of being in an echo chamber.



My second Professor, Elizabeth Anne Teaff, is less active online, seeming to have no outlet for regular posting. However, she is somewhat active on Facebook and there were a couple of instances of Pride flags being in pictures, suggesting a liberal view on LGBT rights and likely politics in general. She has worked at W&L for more than 15 years. Her birthday is June 16.


As far as how this exercise may cause me to change my online habits, I don’t think it’ll cause any major changes since I’m already pretty careful and don’t have a lot of social media. Additionally, all of my most dubious hot takes are generally shared in a setting such as Instagram stories that can be limited to certain people and are not on my profile for longer than 24 hours.

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